Handmade Farmstead Cheese

Made with milk from pastured cows

Our fifth generation Tillamook County dairy farm dates back to 1876, when Amy’s great-grandparents homesteaded in Cloverdale, OR. People often ask us why we started making cheese when our focus has always been our cows, and the answer is simple…we LOVE cheese! The magic of it…to start with milk, from our grass-fed cows, that our family tenderly cares for, and end up with a delectable cheese is fascinating. We’re happy to be part of the hand-crafted, farmstead, artisan cheese movement sweeping the nation.

The Cheese

Did we mention, we love cheese? On our travels we’ve always sought-out farmstead cheeses, and with both of our family’s background in making cheese, butter, cottage cheese and ice cream, the idea of building our own handcrafted, farmstead creamery came quite naturally. Thanks to the help of our cheesemakers, we’ve explored many different variety of cheeses and currently have several interesting flavors to offer:

Tierra del Mar-Camembert
Soft, creamy and outrageously smooth.

Aged to perfection, to offer just enough sharpness to keep it interesting.

Ghost Forrest-Feta
Creamy and good on anything.

Stella Falls-Gouda
Semi-hard and packed with flavors like pepper and cumin.

Softer cheese that can be sliced, grilled or melted. Many varieties to choose from, including dill, roasted-garlic and siracha chile.

Soft, spreadable, European-style cheese made plain and with herbs.

Semi-hard, smooth cheese that can be sliced or melted.

Kiawanda-Welsh style
Slow-ripened round that’s beautifully creamy, fudgy & earthy under the rind, transitioning to a crumbly, tangy center.

Alpine inspired natural rind round with bold depth that’s an evolving journey from spring to fall. Ideal for gratins and fondues.

The Farm

Our land is nestled into the beautiful, mild climate of the Nestucca Valley, situated a few miles from the Pacific Ocean along the Central Oregon Coast, where grass grows year-round, making it ideal for our seasonal grazing herd. We actually have a saying on our farm, “An empty barn is a good barn.” We want our cows outside, on grass, as much as possible. All of our cows calve in the spring to match the seasonal grass growth Oregon is known for, in synch with nature.

Everyone plays a part on our family farm, and the only thing better than working with cows every day, is having our family by our side. Our farm wouldn’t run without everyone chipping in, with a shared goal of having the healthiest animals possible, to sustain future generations on the farm.

Find Our Cheese

Nestucca Bay Creamery Cheese Shop
34410 Hwy 101 S. Cloverdale, OR
Hours: Tuesday–Saturday 11am-5pm

Pacific Restaurant, Tillamook, OR
Meridian, Pacific City, OR
The Schooner Restaurant and Lounge, Netarts OR

Farmers Markets
Pacific City

Food Roots Farm Table, Tillamook, OR
Cape Kiwanda Marketplace, Pacific City, OR



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34410 Highway 101
South Cloverdale, OR 97112